High-pressure cleaners

High-performance device with or without water heating system from manufacturers, like KARCHER, WAP or KRANZLE. We have a wide range of devices, from compact and light washers offering a quick and thorough cleaning, intended for light works in agriculture or transport; through high-performance middle class with high discharge pressure, required for more ingrained dirt; to industrial solutions used in the most difficult conditions, powered by internal combustion engines, designed to remove even the biggest pollutants that we may find in the construction industry and municipal institutions.[divider]


Parametry techniczne: HD 7/18 HDS 698 ECO HDS 1195M ECO HDS 1295M ECO
Zasilanie ~/V/Hz 3/400/50 3/400/50 3/400/50 3/400/50
Wydajność tłoczenia (l/h) 240-700 300-650 600-1200 600-1200
Ciśnienie robocze (bar/MPa) 20-175/2-17,5 30-160 30-180/3-18 30-180/3-18
Ciśnienie maksymalne (bar/MPa) 215/21,5 b.d. b.d. b.d.
Maksymalna temperatura doprowadzanej wody (°C) do 60 155/80 30-150 30-150
Moc przyłącza (kW) 4,7 4,5 8,2 8,2
Ciężar (kg) 24 94 155 155
Zbiornik środka czyszczącego (l): 20+17
Wymiary (dł. x szer. x wys.) (mm) 360x375x925 940x600x740 1298x690x835 1298x690x835
* b.d. - brak danych